The Moving Company That Can Cater to Your Needs

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Moving from one location to another location is definitely tiring and exhausting because of all the planning and work involved. This is the reason why when people or families move to another place they usually hire moving companies.


Hiring moving companies eliminates all the hassle involved in handling, storing, and transporting items. Some hiring companies might even offer services from planning to transport to make sure that you don’t even lay a finger on your items. Hiring a moving company is definitely worth it.

The only problem with hiring moving companies is that it may be difficult to find a top-rated and professional moving company that can cater to the type of transporting task that you have. Fairprice Movers is one of the top or if not the #1 San Jose movers in the San Jose, California area. Here are some of the services that they offer that can definitely fit your transporting objective.

  1. Local Moving

Whether you are moving or transporting one bulky item (such as a refrigerator or   piano), things from a studio apartment, or stuff from your house within the California area, Fairprice Movers can definitely do the job for you.

  1. Long Distance Moving

If you plan on relocating to another state or another place that’s across the county Fairprice Movers can assist you, they offer reliable long distance transportation from California to other areas such as Oregon, Colorado, Washington, Nevada, and other states.

  1. Commercial or Industrial Transport

Fairprice Movers does not only cater to residential customers as Fairprice also do services for different businesses, offices, establishments, and other industries. They can transport your business anywhere in the California area and in different states.

  1. Packaging

At Fairprice Movers they are dedicated to make your moving or transporting task hassle-free as much as possible, because of this they offer packaging services done by trained employees using high-quality packaging materials to avoid unnecessary breakages or damages to your items.

  1. Storing Different conditions in the environment can damage most of your valuable items; at Fairprice movers they make it to a point that your items are properly stored (especially for long transport). They use high-quality equipment in order for your items to be safe and secure during long-term storage.

Fairprice Movers is definitely the #1 San Jose movers in the San Jose, California Area. For more in-depth and helpful information regarding their services you can visit their website at this link For more helpful information, just click here.

Getting Ready for Breast Augmentation

breast then and now

A lot of women consider breast augmentation for a variety of reasons. Whatever their motivation is, the process requires preparation and the whole journey is best undertaken with the experts. Breast augmentation is a major surgery and no simple matter. It is therefore recommended that you get one who is certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This provides you with the assurance that the surgeon who will operate on you has the required number of years of experience in performing the procedure and that you are being cared for in a certified facility. Dr. Joseph A. Racanelli is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in New Jersey. He has earned a great following among satisfied patients. In fact, 3 magazines have rated him at top of his field. Check out this website, for more details.


To better prepare for a breast augmentation surgery, you should consider several things. First is your personality. The size of one’s breasts could mean a lot to your overall appearance and could affect the public’s perception of you. That is why it is important to discuss with your surgeon the breast size that will suit your personality.


Another consideration is wardrobe. One of the fun things that you will be asked to do when you visit your doctor’s office is to work with a sizer who will help you determine the right breast size that will suit you. This means putting on different wardrobe to see how you will look in various dresses for different occasions. You should be able to visualize yourself in your new breast size while sporting a casual dress as well as a cocktail dress. It helps to bring a friend with you who could try out the implants so that you can see from a third person point of view how it would look like. Your friend or companion could also weigh in on things and provide you with reassurance that you are making the right decision. She can also bring her own perspective into the discussion and to help you scrutinize details which you could easily miss given the volume of information that you will be dealing with added to the overwhelming experience of talking to a doctor about it.


When you are thinking of implants, you have to consider your lifestyle. If you are a fitness buff and you work out regularly or you are an athlete, you should talk with your doctor about getting implants that will not interfere with your physical fitness routine.


Speaking of implants, you can choose between saline and silicone implants. Saline implants have been in use since the late 1960s as an alternative to silicone implants. Its outer cover is made of the same material as silicone implants but is filled with saline during the surgery. Saline implants are preferred by most because it costs much lesser than silicone implants. Another thing is that it only requires a small incision therefore a smaller scar. Saline implants are easily adjustable and size can be varied with the level of saline filled into the shell. The down side of using saline implants is that the implants are firmer and do not feel as natural. And unless you have a lot of natural breast tissue, it requires sub muscular placement.


Silicone implants on the other hand is used by over 90% of women undergoing breast augmentation surgery. Silicone implants provide a softer and more natural feel. It does not ripple and has a slightly lower deflation rate. They can just easily be slipped above the muscle. For its disadvantages, silicone implants require a longer incision and they cost more. Unlike saline implants where it is detecting ruptures is visible, ruptures are hard to detect with silicone implants.

Different Types of Payment Methods

payment methods

A payment happens when an individual or company transfers an item of value (such as cash or stocks) to another individual or company in exchange or trade for services, goods, products, or to complete a required legal obligation. The “payer” is the individual or business that makes the payment while the “payee” is the person or company that receives the payment.

The oldest and probably the simplest form of payment are termed as barter. In a barter system, a good or service is exchanged for either a service or a product. With the advancement in technology and influence of modernization payment methods have evolved into even faster methods such as checks, debit cards, credit cards, and bank or wire transfers. Big businesses have no limits to form of payments; some of them use stocks or other complex arrangements for their payment methods. The following are the different types of payment methods:


A check which is also known as “cheque” (in British English) is also a form of a cashless payment method. The process is done first by a “drawer” (individual who is the payer) who writes a check to a “payee” (individual who receives the payment) to pay for goods or services availed, and then the “drawee” (entity or business) is in charged for facilitating the transfer of the money.

Check-O-Matic is a business that offers different types of checks such as quickbook checks, business checks, personal checks, and computer checks. You can get high quality checks from them at a very affordable and reasonable price. For additional information about their wide array of check products especially their business checks you can visit their website here

Debit Cards

Also known as “bank cards” or “check cards”. An individual that owns a debit card is known as a cardholder. A cardholder has a number of privileges because if owning a debit card, one of those privileges is electronic access to their bank accounts which means that they can use their cards (instead of cash) as a form of payment when making purchases for goods, products, and services.

Credit Cards

They function like debit cards wherein an individual has electronic access to his/her bank account and can use their cards as a form of payment when making purchases. The major difference is that when using a credit card an individual can pay for goods, products, or services at another given date or time which is based on the cardholder’s promise to pay them.

if you want to know more about business checks, just click here to be redirected to this website and know more.

Give Your Kid an Electric Scooter Today!

In the last few years, electric scooters are becoming very popular for kids and it is becoming a popular gift for kids for birthdays and special events. And what make the best kids’ scooter are the features made available at a great price. The invention of electric scooters have been made possible by advances in technology and because the technology kept on improving the features of these great vehicles, the current scooters were developed to have good features that fit children which are also available at good prices!

electric scooter

What’s great about getting an electric scooter is that they are not made inexpensive so that it will be easy to buy for kids plus there are also safety features that you will not find with gas-operated scooters. So what are the benefits that you get when you buy your kid a scooter? Here are just a few things that you will love about electric scooters for kids: if you want a safe and convenient ride for your kid whom they can use in the neighborhood or in the park, then the electric scooter is a good choice! This great vehicle is easy to operate and does not have startup problems as they are battery operated! Another good thing about the electric scooter is it does not emit gas which means it does not produce carbon. This way, you are not causing environmental pollution! You also ensure that your child is not breathing in unsafe smoke that comes from gas-operated scooters! What’s really amazing about this form of vehicles is that these are very easy to ride in. There will not be any issues with balancing on the scooter so you can be sure that your children are having a safe ride! Also, these some electric scooters have a speed limit which means that you are not exposing your child to risks of accidents from riding a scooter too fast! Storage and maintenance is not a problem when it comes to electric scooters. These items are made light and compact so they’re easy to bring anywhere plus you can easily keep them in a storage in your home if it’s not being used!

When it comes to maintenance, you only have to occasionally wipe the electric scooter to keep it clean and that’s it! All you have to do is to replace parts like belts and other consumable-like parts and your child will be able to use the scooter for a very long time! For more information on this source, visit the KidsRideWild website today!

Main Causes Of Car Accidents

Today we will go through some of the most common causes of auto accidents and some ways to prevent risky situations while driving.

It’s important to know that each of the following factors may lead to an accident, but the circumstances can also include a multitude of these factors and many others, so it is important to keep them all in mind while on the road.


One of the most common causes of auto accidents is not respecting the road legislation. This may mean not stopping at red lights, ignoring the stop signs, speeding, going past cars when there isn’t enough space, changing lanes recklessly, tailgating. Also, reckless drivers are also usually affected by road rage and may be impatient and aggressive while driving, making them a danger to themselves and to the others.

Amongst the other causes of auto accidents it’s important to list the weather conditions. One must always be aware of the changes in the weather if they might involve the formation of ice, fog, snowing or raining heavily or heavy winds. When driving on a wet road, don’t make sudden turns, don’t break suddenly and keep the speed below the limit, as slow as you can. A lot more dangerous that rain is ice. Especially in spring, when the snow begins to melt and you get temperature above the freezing level, be very careful about the formation of black ice on the roads. Some of the roads especially smaller ones that aren’t so frequented can be really dangerous, since the authorities don’t prioritize them when treating the road with salt or sand. Black ice will not be easily spotted, you may mistake it for asphalt and your car will get out of control in seconds.

Also, be very careful when driving not to be tired or distracted. The driver must at keep his full attention on the road and the possible obstacles that may appear at all times. You must be able to react in time if an animal crosses the street, if you are close to another car or if you are circulating in a busy area that you don’t know. Keep the speed low and eliminate all distractions such as engaging in conversations with the passengers, listening to the radio or stereo too loudly, looking at billboards or road signs or using your phone for texting, talking or taking pictures.

Metal Detectors

Metal detector is a device that is used for scanning metal hidden inside opaque things. It is primarily used at airport and other public buildings to check whether any metallic elements like guns,knife or other hazardous weapons are being transported inside the premise of public places.There are two main types of metal detectors- walk through detectors and wand type detectors. The former is installed at many important buildings and is like a gate in which people simply walk through and if any objectionable items are present then a beep sound rings. The other one is little cheaper in cost than the walk through detectors and is much handier than door type detector. It is used to detect the metallic object by rotating it around the person or an object. They are little difficult to use in comparison to the walk through detectors. There is an alarm fitted inside the wand which rings if any metallic object is detected.


The wand type detectors are more common amongst the security personnel, army and defence services. They can also be seen at the airports, railway station and bus stops. Apart from public places, metal detectors are also used in construction industry to check for any pipes or any metallic wires in the ground so that damages can be easily avoided.The detectors that are used in the construction industry are generally of wand types so that they can be easily used at number of places.One more area where the metallic detectors are used is the geological surveys to look for some particular type of rocks. They’re also used for archaeological excavations to look for special metals,coins or any other valuable items.

Hence, we see that the metal detectors have a wide application in many fields. Since these detectors have such an important role in many fields,it is important that the detectors which are being used should be a genuine one and they should give accurate results,failing to which there will be many problems. To avoid this you should get branded instruments so that the quality is not compromised and it gives the accurate result. Also these instruments are very costly so, hence before purchasing or installing these devices,do a proper research about the types of metal detectors and choose a type which will suffice your need. You can try your hands on any of the beginner detectors.

The Runes 101

A lot of people aren’t familiar with runes. And they probably have heard of it, but know very little about it as compared to their knowledge in palmistry and tarot card reading. For beginners, runes are divination tools and come in a set of 24 tiles or stones. Each one has a primitive marking which a character from early Germanic decent is. The word “rune” came from a combination of an old European word “ru” and “runa” which means “secret whisper”. Originally, these were used for birth and burial ceremonies while others use it for protection and luck during battles.


Runes are known as alphabet symbols or “Elder Futhark”. These are typically used in spreads and work on a question-and -answer basis. The layout of how it is spread will determine its meaning in relation to a client. And just as each symbol and position is relevant and bearing of a meaning and interpretation, the material in which it is carved out of actually has the power to change the tone of the reading too. As an example, gold runes are for matters regarding business, career and property. Jade runes are for matters of love, relationships, family and friendships. Ice Runes are for matters of mysticism and spirituality. And stone runs are for the natural world and things that are beyond human control.


As for the meanings, here are a few to give you an idea of how it works: Fehu stands for earnings such as possessions, income and luck. Uruz stand for physicalstrength, speed and your untamed potential. Thurisaz stand for a reactive force or conflict. Ansuz stand for revelations, messages, insight and communication. Raidho stands for travel. Kenaz stands for vision, knowledge, creativity and inspiration. Wunjo stands for joy, comfort and pleasure. Hagalaz stands for the wrath of nature or destructive uncontrolled forces. Nauthiz stands for delays and restriction. Isa stands for challenge and frustration. Jera stands for earlier efforts being realized. Eihwaz stands for strength, dependability and trust. Perthro stands for uncertain meaning and mystery. Algiz stands for protection and shield. Sowilo stands for success, goals achieved and honor. Tiwaz stands for justice, leadership and authority.


A lot of people prefer rune readings because this is a quick yet in-depth method of answering your question. It gives you more insight and information about the questions you are asking. This is great for questions regarding your daily life.

Go for the Best Lilburn Appliances Repair Service!

One of the things that you can do to make your home a comfortable place to live in is to ensure that everything works. This includes keeping your appliances in good working condition. Everyone knows that having appliances that work well can keep people comfortable because you will be able to move comfortable doing your choice and other things in your home. Just picture this: what happens if suddenly your washing machine or your refrigerator breaks down. How are going to manage? Are you just going to buy new appliances anytime of them breaks down? This is why you will appreciate getting Lilburn appliances repair. Repairs can ensure that you won’t have to buy new appliances soon as these professionals can repair your appliances so you can resume your normal home activities. One of the best things of going for repairs is that you will be able to maximize value of the money that you spent on your appliances. Sometimes, it can be stressful to have to spend money on repairs so you might want to think about getting repairs first before ultimately deciding to buy a new one. Also, when you get repairs, you will be able to use your appliance soon and you won’t have to spend a lot of money.

Here is something that you have to understand about getting repairs for appliances: it is always a good idea to find the services that specialize in the brand of your appliances. Sometimes, it can be downright frustrating if you have to send your appliances for repairs again and again because you just end up spending too much money on a problem that should be automatically fixed in the first place. Also, getting the repairs services for a specific type of appliance can ensure that you will get genuine spare parts in case something needs to be replaced. You may even be given a warranty for the appliances that you had sent up for repair!


If you want to be sure that you are getting the right repairs service, you can start with asking for reviews from past customers. This way, you will be sure of the services that you are getting plus you may also get an idea on how much you will be paying! Get the best services for your appliance repairs when you visit his website that offers Lilburn appliances repair! Check them out now for more information!

Obtaining Medical Marijuana Cards

medical marijuana card 2Do you know the fastest way to obtain medical marijuana card? Here is the answer:

The digital world today opens its door for some equitably boundless capacities and opportunities to obtain marijuana card for patients. Indeed, patients from states embrace the used of medical marijuana in order to cure their illnesses. Not to mention, the use of marijuana are being legalized in other countries. Nowadays, it is very easy to obtain medical marijuana cards through the use of the internet. Patients can apply anytime, since most of the states made it legal. It is made for their own protection in order to heal their contiguous illness. Medical doctors and nurses keep their profile and record confidentially. As a matter of fact, patients also visits licensed physician to ask for guidance in taking marijuana as their medicine.

So, how to get your medical marijuana card online now? In a glimpse of an eye, patients can easily get medical marijuana card through online. As no one else, desire to wait for so long to visit the medical doctor’s office, only to be hit with an expensive pay. In addition, medical doctor’s used several sources for the patients to be at ease in connecting them in just a few hours. No need to go for an appointment. Patients answer and sign up directly as the questions provided in the online form. After a thorough and an inexpensive evaluation, affirm members can have their medical marijuana card immediately. What is more important is that they do not need to leave at home because they can already access to an online application. Basic information of the patients is needed such as name, date of birth, address and email to make sure that process is confidential. Besides, important health information is collected in the next step. Qualified participants/patients can go to a one on one video chat with a medical doctor for few minutes for verification.

Patients get medical marijuana card online without spending too much effort. Once patients have filled out the needed application that has been provided with the medical record and doctor approval, patients pay government fees in most states that must be maintained yearly assuming that patients have been confirm. Moreover, medical doctor’s from states contributes a lot in a life of a patient. On the positive side, medical marijuana treat more than 250 medical conditions namely, cancer, HIV/AIDS, muscle spasms, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, glaucoma, arthritis, panic disorder and many others.


Feng Shui: Are You That Important?

feng shui.jpg 6Feng Shui is known all around the world. The word Feng Shui means wind -water. Wind and water are basically different, but they reflect on the different aspects of both sides. The wind or the Feng stands for the energy in the atmosphere like storms, clouds, air, the wind, and even the radiation of energy. While the water or the Shui stands for the different water elements present in the entire universe including swamps, rain, snow, ice, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, brooks, and even the living things nourished by water.


Now you already know the literal meaning of Feng Shui. Time to ask, is it that important? What benefits can you get? Does it make you wealth? Will it make you prosper? Can you achieve compassion with it? Read more to find out the answer.


The early Feng Shui was taught by Guo Pu (276 – 324) during the Jin Dynasty. His teaching regarding Feng Shui has been around for a while. Years passed, the experience and impact of this on the lives of the people had been a living testimony or proof that it actually works.


With Feng Shui, a person can be rich. He can prosper. He can have compassion. But in what way? Feng Shui is the entire setting of your house. The position of your sofa, your door, your gate, and everything matters in Feng Shui. You cannot simply put your chair just where you want them to. It is a no-no in Feng Shui. You have to follow various rules to have a great Chi or energy in your house. The energy that you can attract may help you prosper. It may sound unusual, but yes, it is the key to your success in Feng Shui.

If you want a Feng Shui expert to examine your household, then you may contact one. However, because of the in demand need, fake and pretentious experts are also emerging. Yes, you might be dealing with a wrong Feng Shui expert. That is why you must check on their background first before dealing with them. If you cannot entrust your destiny to anyone, then find out for yourself. Study about it. How? You can enroll in an academy which provides excellent education regarding Feng Shui.

If you want to study and be knowledgeable about Feng Shui, click this link They will guide you not only on the basic knowledge and information regarding Feng Shui but also on your journey to success with the appropriate techniques and Bazi system.

Piano Movers

Piano moving is a task that needs special knowledge and expertise, which ordinary movers, sometimes even an experienced movers, don’t have.It is so because pianos (the acoustical ones) are very big, heavy and have complicated playing systems.Despite being heavy, they have very tender and fragile systems.Moving a piano is very challenging from the point of view of potential damage that can happen to them in movement.Piano movers have to use their strength along with skills and finesse to have them moved without any damage. When pianos are relocated, piano movers have to consider that they are not faced directly over a heat source not eve or direct sunlight.


So considering all these things, it is always advised to hire professionals who possess the right skill and tools.The movers from top companies know the art and science of moving big heavy pianos.Moving a piano while keeping it upright and sliding it down stairs need rich expertise.

The professional piano movers are highly trained professionals.For them, piano moving is a routine task.A top Chicago piano mover  employs 14 highly skilled persons while another 9 are in different levels of training.They specialize in moving piano of all types including all variety like spinet piano,condolences,studio pianos as well as small pianos for small children and pianos that are used in concerts are also relocated by them.

First step in moving a piano is that right sized piano skid is placed on the flat side of the piano and then one side leg is removed. After that other 2 legs along with the lyre is removed and by this time padding of piano is also completed and it is put on a dolly to move it. An upright piano’s front needs padding because if the upright pianos are moved along with the pads then it would loosen the grip and piano will get damaged.These companies have special designed four wheeled dollies for moving a piano and they generally deploy a great number of people in the team which makes a seemingly difficult job look very easy.If the stair case is curved or when the roof above the head above the stairway is low then it becomes a little more tedious and difficult task, which should be done very carefully. All in all, piano moving is a difficult task which should be left to professionals.

Benefits of Learning Chinese Language

There are various languages that are spoken worldwide and have international importance as well. Chinese is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and this is due to the reason that there are about 1.6 billion Chinese citizens in the world.

Chinese population is extended in many countries, including the United States, Europe and India. Besides, you should not only learn this language for the purpose of having the value of but also for getting an opportunity to learn different languages.

Learning a language is not a difficult task and if you are committed and passionate, you can learn it in a very limited time period. Learning various languages of different countries also helps you in knowing the culture of that country and to know people if specific country.

If you are fond of travelling and are thinking of traveling to China this year, you should consider learning Chinese so that you get to know the people and their traditions in a better way. There are various centers through which you can learn the language.

These language centers will help you in learning Chinese in just 4 months. Also, if you are looking forward to expand your business in China, you can communicate with the people of China more efficiently if you know their language.

If you are living in Los Angeles in the state of California and are looking for Chinese Classes in Los Angeles, CA, then you should browse top language centers and then learn the language in a short time. The Chinese instructor is hired by these companies who have a profound understanding of both Chinese and English languages.

Once you join the classes, you will start enjoying the course. In most of the Chinese classes, you are not allowed to speak any other language except Chinese. This is the best way to learn any language fast as even if you do not have command at the beginning, you will learn fast if you make mistakes.

There are various types of Chinese language programs and it depends on you which type of program you choose. It is difficult to learn Chinese writing as the alphabets differ a lot from the English language. You should carefully select the program that has high ratings so that you can learn Chinese from the highly experienced and knowledgeable instructor.

There are top academies that provide high quality Chinese classes for students in Los Angeles. These are for kids, teens and adults as well. So consult these companies to learn Chinese fast.

Courses For A Great Career In IT Industry:

Completing your graduation course in Information Technology is never a guarantee that you will land up on lucrative IT job soon. The candidate’s employability is the major thing which employers look for in a prospective employee. Employers look for some specific skills in the potential employees before even short listing for an interview. What employers in the field of IT are looking is some sort of industry exposure preferably in the form of either internship or hands on training on some industry oriented courses.


Stepping stone: For example if we consider a fresh college graduate willing to start a career with networking jobs need to know at least a thing or two what the network job profile wants from him. For instance Windows server system administration training offered by the is certainly going to be a great stepping stone for them. The course certainly provides a decent platform and a fair amount of industry interface for the fresh graduate to begin with.

Career growth: Not only the courses are needed for the beginners to bring them employment opportunities but also these courses help a lot in upgrading the skills of the employees and add value to the profile they already have. The courses we are talking about prove to be a great booster for knowledge and confidence among those ones who are constantly striving hard to scale up the ladder fast. The courses needed to be taken time to time with an intention of self up gradation and getting out of their careers marred by stagnation.

Leadership: Goal of every employee is to move up in the organizational hierarchy and this is only possible if the employer sees a potential leader in you. Leaders are tested for their leadership skills and for their spectrum of knowledge too. Unless an employee broadens its spectrum of knowledge over time and bring in diversity to his resume then he might fall behind the race. Also the hunger for knowledge and continuous effort for skill development is always looked upon in high regards by the management.

Since IT is a field of rapid and continuous changes, the employee also needs to keep evolving along with the market to create a value for him as well as keep him always ready for the next big opportunity. The industry oriented courses specially designed for the purpose are going to be the best choices for a bright future ahead.

Ditch the DIY Approach When Implementing SEO

SEO 5When it comes to implementing search engine optimization practices in a website, simply scratching the surface won’t have any noticeable improvement in its search result ranking. Businesses should recognize the importance of search engine optimization as one of the pillars that make businesses on the internet thrive. They should not feel as if they are losing money from paying SEO experts for optimizing the website in rankings. It’s a necessary investment that is similar to how regular businesses spend a lot of flyers and billboards to have themselves known.


A website without good search engine optimization practices implemented is just like a restaurant without anything in their facade to indicate that they serve food. On top of that, there can be no advanced marketing to hype the opening as well. Even with exceptional food and amicable service, such a restaurant would simply fall into obscurity. In order for them to be on the map, they should make themselves known by making it easy for people to check them out. Search engine optimization is simply marketing translated to website application.


The trouble with search engine optimization however, is that it has grown a little complicated because of the constant update of the algorithms of search engines. These updates sometimes catch websites off guard and may drop their ranking a few places where they used to be. Website developers who only want to focus on their content will definitely have problems with implementing search engine optimization practices in their website. They’d lose precious time from studying the newest trends in search engine optimization and consequently deteriorate the quality of the website content.

But then again, having a website doesn’t mean doing everything by oneself. A good website can never really find a good footing in the internet if there is only a small team or even one person who is behind it. A low talent resource will stretch their abilities and their time thin, thus compromising the primary objective, which is to earn substantial profits.


Hiring search engine optimization experts such as the ones at can provide the necessary services for specific SEO implementations. The trouble with most mentality today is that just because information can be easily found on the internet, everything has to be approached in a DIY (do-it-yourself) mindset. The aforementioned group of experts is a top rated Internet Marketing firm by SEOMoz and can no doubt help website owners adapt to search engine algorithm volatility.

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