9 Important Hacks for Tiny Kitchen

There are many ways to keep even a small kitchen organized. Here are some of them.


1. Tall cabinets

It would be more efficient and would give you more storage space if you build your cabinets to the ceiling. You can store items you only use for the holidays or other special occasions at the top where they are well kept.

2. Hanging pot racks

Instead of stacking your pots and pans in one space, you can hang them in rods or hanging racks that are extending from the ceiling. Aside from the additional space it provides, it would also make it easier for you to access them.

3. Moving island counter

Having an island counter is very useful as it provides extra work spaces when making and preparing meals. However, the island would be even more multi-functional if you can move it. You can put it away when you’re done or use it in the patio or deck if you are having a barbecue party and need more space for preparing and serving the food.

4. Pull out racks

You can add pull out racks and organizers for your pantry. You can use it for your spice bottles, condiments, wines and even spoons, forks and knives.

5. Drawer dividers

These dividers can organize everything that you put in your drawers. You can easily separate your cutlery from the other utensils that you put in there.

6. Wall mounts

Wall mounts are great for items that you want to be accessed easily including dishes, bowls, condiments and more. You can install wall mounts on wall spaces that are too narrow for cabinets to fit in or on corners.

7. Sliding panels

These are better in tiny rooms compared to doors that take up space when you open them. Sliding doors and panels are recommended for lower cabinets and storage spaces under the sink, stove and more.

8. Ledge

Above windows or the entry way of the kitchen, you can store your bottles of oil, vinegar and other decorative spices. You can put panels in places that are hard to reach.

9. Customized cabinets

By having customized cabinets installed in your kitchen, you would be able to use all the space for storage. The shape, width, and height of your cabinets would depend on the space you want it to be in. There are some great manufacturers who have been custom closet specialists for 30 years now. You can check them out here.