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We offer the biggest selection in Saskatchewan of arts for young audiences! The 15th Festival ticket sales were 15,000; site attendance approximately 25,000!

Total ticket sales over 15 years: 275,000 children enjoying performing arts! The N.S.I. Children’s Festival is a community event, supported by over 100 corporations, granting agencies and organizations.

In 2003, the festival presented over 100 entertainers. The line-up included international mainstage performers from France, Haiti and USA; along with many talented local and national Canadian artists.

AND… Evening Gala Concerts showcase highlights from some of the daytime performances. Adults are delighted to find that they enjoy themselves as much as the children. The festival features a First People’s Village. This is a showcase of the unique beauty and talents of the Indian culture in Saskatchewan. Two volunteer co-ordinators and a total of 800 dedicated volunteers help the staff make the Festival happen – 250 volunteers for facepainting alone! Artists love coming to friendly Saskatoon and tell us that this is one of the best children’s festivals in Canada. Tickets are held at very low cost in order to maintain accessibility.