Healthy Tea: Top Ways to Enjoy Matcha Tea

Matcha is more than just a great tasting tea because you can now enjoy it in different great ways and here is the top must try Matcha recipe ideas that you do not want to miss:


  • Matcha Shake or Smoothie

Matcha, together with banana and watermelon can create a delicious and healthy matchasmoothie that you can take anywhere you go. Also, you may use your anti-oxidant matcha tea together with some fiber-rich seeds of Chia to make a powerful combo Matchasmoothie.

  • Matcha Muffins

Who said that matcha is made for teas and an alternative coffee? Matcha can now be used to make a soft, green, and healthy muffin. Also, these delicious tasting muffins are gluten-free, so one to two muffins would not hurt you.

  • Matcha Latte

Matcha lattes are very popular in most café in California. If you want to taste the luscious sweetness of a matcha latte, you may make your own or drive the nearest café that offers matcha latte.

  • Matcha popsicles

In times of stress from work, you would love to sit down, relax, and eat some ice cream. But this time, why not make it healthier? Use your Matcha tea powder and mix it with some low-fat yogurt and freeze it to make a healthy Match popsicle.

  • Healthier Matcha Guacamole

Almost everyone loves guacamole, especially during a picnic. This time, why not make it healthier? Stir some matcha powder to your favorite guacamole recipe, before adding other important ingredients.

  • MatchaIcecream

If you can make matchasmoothie, shake, and even popsicle, why not try making your own matcha ice cream? Using your food processor, mix some of your frozen banana or strawberry with your favoritematcha tea powder. Also, you may add your favorite chocolate chip to make a low-calorie but luscious banana matcha ice cream with chocolate chips.

  • The Spike MatchaMojitos

Who said that matchashould only be mixed with another healthy food? If you want to have a refreshing night before hitting the sack, why not use a pinch of matcha mixed with your minty mojitos? All you need to do is use your shaker and combine your mint mojitos, lime, and a pinch of matcha, and a little water, then voila! You have a spikey matcha mojitos.

There are several other ways to enjoy your best matcha tea powder. All you need is a little creativity and confidence with your experiment. However, before combining matcha to your other favorite food and drinks, make sure it will not create an adverse effect on you.