How to Create a Perfect Resume

These days, you need to be very competitive to be hired to a certain job. As they say; first impression lasts and this applies well to job applicants. And no, you are not sending your first impression during your job interview but at the time your employer reads your resume for the very first time. Hence, you need to make your resume very impressive so the hiring personnel will include you in the list of applicants for job interview.


Unfortunately, the resume is not designed to brag on something you do not have since it will hit back at you on the day of reckoning. So, be honest in a very impressive way. To do this, remember the following tips:

  1. Role match is important

To know this, you need to know what your target job title is. Obviously, you can’t just apply to any job openings that come along, even if you have no idea what the job will be about. Look for job advertisements that match your preferred job title. Emphasize your preferred job title on top of your resume. This will surely be enough to get the attention of the hiring manager. It will also be easier for the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to find you as a perfect match.

  1. Value match is necessary

Mention relevant previous responsibilities and qualifications. This creates the idea that you have certain values to bring with you if hired. Sometimes, employers look beyond tangible skills. They want to know your work ethics as well as personality traits and you may need to mention this on your resume.

  1. Skill match is a must

Study the job that you want to apply to and identify the needed hard and soft skills for the job. Somehow, you can mirror similar language to your resume. This includes your work experience, educational background and transferrable skills.

Sometimes, even the smallest tweak you do to customize your resume can be such a challenge. But if this would mean changing the document’s destiny to the “yes” file then it will be worth all the effort. But if you opt for the short cut, you can avail for resume writing services. With this, experts in resume making will handle the job for you, increasing your chances to be hired. So, if you really wanted the job but you are not sure about your resume, better ask a pro to do it for you instead.