Some Tips on Your Website Structure

Your website’s architecture or structure often determines your success in search engine optimization. Just like web design, your site’s structure is a crucial component not only for navigation, but for proper indexing as well. It is very important that you create a structure that will be easy to use and easy to understand.


Of course, taking the reins yourself would be useless and impractical if you don’t know anything about computers, networking, design, and the likes. While there are tips you can follow to help you create a successful web structure or architecture, it would still be a good idea to work with computer consultants in Kalamazoo MI.


Website architecture is all about research and planning. You must make certain that you are fully familiar with your market, goods and services before you start designing your architecture. It is also important that you clarify the objectives of your site. Make certain that you are able to clarify the scope and limitation of your website. This way you will have an easier time identifying the different components of your site.


Once you have done your research, make certain that you create an outline of your site. Create it like you are creating an outline for a formal study. Make certain that you are able to list out the different parts, categories and sub-categories that you want to have on the site. Make sure that it is clear, concise and complete. As much as possible, you need to think to spend a lot of time thinking it through.


Once you think you think the outline it complete, make certain to run it by with someone else. Ask them to assess whether or not it is easy to understand and navigate through. Make certain that it will also allow you some flexibility in terms of future additions to the site. In other words, make sure that you are able to create some sections later on without needing a major overhaul to the site.


Just like choosing good quality web designers in Kalamazoo, make certain that you choose a good content management system. If you are just starting out, look for systems that are easy to use such as WordPress. If you know HTML, you can design your architecture on your own. If you are a little bit more technically advanced, you can try CMS tools like Joomla for more advanced features. In the end, you will find that like constructing a building, you must make certain that you develop your site’s foundation right with good research and planning.