Surgical Vs. Non-Surgical Beauty Regimen: Which Is Better?

15Every year, there are millions of women and men who undergo cosmetic surgery which also known as plastic surgery. Currently, the modern plastic surgeon can change almost any facet of physical appearance from body shape to facial features. Though several cosmetic surgeries are done for medical reasons like reforming facial features after an untoward event numerous other procedures are voluntary. So, you should weigh first the advantages and disadvantages before undergoing cosmetic surgery and make a decision whether it is good or bad for you.




Good health. One of the greatest benefits of plastic surgery emanates to those people who have health problems associated with the appearance issues that are bothersome. It is said that several women with very big breasts experience unbearable back pain that can only be solved through breast reduction. Moreover, a nose job can decrease sinus infections, and the elimination of breast tissue in men could lower the threat of cancer in that tissue. These are only some of the health issues that could be relieved through cosmetic surgery.


High self-confidence level


Undergoing cosmetic surgery is essential to self-image and confidence levels. For instance, if you have a physical feature that bothers you and you wish that part to be changed so you can live a normal life like other people; the surgery could be the best option. Having a pretty look (overall physical appearance) especially for women is important to uplift their confidence level.





It is said that cosmetic surgery is still surgery so it should not be taken carelessly. There could be possible complications that may happen. The most noteworthy drawback of plastic surgery is pain and the recovery period could take six months in some cases.




Occasionally, cosmetic surgery does not produce the results that you wish for. This is associated with expectations and not with the proficiency of the surgeon. If you expect impractical results like your surgery could make you look like a Hollywood star or immediately resolve all of your dating difficulties, this can be a substantial drawback to undergoing cosmetic procedures.




Having cosmetic surgery is absolutely expensive and is not covered by any medical insurance. You could also experience financial loss because you could not work for a long time.


Currently, the beauty industry is aiming up new ways to replicate the effects of cosmetic surgery techniques without essentially requiring a scalpel or an anesthetic.


The non-surgical regimen are appropriate and are indicated for all patients who wants to counter the unwelcome presence of wrinkles and lines, restore or enhance fullness in the lips or cheeks for a more young appearance, or manage skin disorder like hyper-pigmentation, acne or other damages on one’s face through slight to no post-surgery.




Not expensive. Non-surgical treatments are not expensive because there is no need for operation as well you do not have to leave your work for a long time.




You will not experience any pain because the process does not involve an operation and anesthetic.




The glaring disadvantage of non-surgical regimen is that there is no immediate effect. You need to wait a long process for the treatment to be effective.


So, which is better, surgical or non-surgical beauty treatment? The answer could be depending on what you want and need at the moment. You can choose any of the two. To lighten the burden, you can click this source here.