Tips on How to Organize Your Office Desk

You may be spending most of your time using your office desk as your command center. And the more organized it is, the more efficient will you be in your work. It can help set the tone and determine your productivity level. Hence, better work on improving this area if you want to improve your daily work performance.


According a New York City professional organizer, anyone can lose an hour each day if one fails to have an organized desk. However, if your desk is already organized, you will only need a little amount of time maintaining it. Even just looking for something will take away much of your time.

Here are some tips that can help you get organized:

Use the right layout

Make sure that the frequently used items are just right in front of you when you need them. To start with, since your computer takes most of the work for the day, it has to be within your eye level, approximately 17 inches away from you. Items that are often used must also be placed on your dominant side. These include the phone and office supplies that you will be using the entire day. This will keep you from reaching across when you need them.

Use notes wisely

Notes can be helpful but exaggerating their use can be destructive. So don’t frame your computer with notes but use them in moderation and mainly as short term reminders for important things to do.

Limit the use of personal items

Adding momentous items may inspire you to work more. This can be photographs of your family or a souvenir that reminds you of something or someone special. However, you need to limit these things to 3. After all, everything seen by your eyes in front of you will be processed by your brain and whether you like it or not, this will require a lot of cognitive work as well.

Spare some space

Don’t fill your desk with so many things since this will rob you from a work space. So, on your dominant side, assign at least a paper size free space where you can sign documents and do some work.

Schedule work according to its urgency

Knowing how to prioritize will keep you from cramming. You can use vertical folders to organize your work flow. Then group the documents from important, urgent but not important, not urgent and not important.

Organizing your desk is parallel to organizing your thoughts. So make sure don’t ignore its importance. For more office tips, check out